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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Thank you for booking your curly cut with us! Here are some of the FAQ we get asked and info that will help you prep for appointment.

· What should I do before my curly cut appointment? Hair should be styled as normal with regular products you use; day 2 hair is fine too! This makes it easy to identify what exactly you want to change and a better idea of how your routine products make your hair look/feel. This will also help with product recommendations.

· Do you cut curly hair dry or wet? Both most of the time! When we cut dry; we are “framing” the hair cut which aids in the overall shape of cut and determined length. We then shampoo hair, deep condition. We leave a little conditioner in hair because it allows us to see our sectioning, cut the right angles without the hair drying up. We rinse conditioner; apply products that support curl then we dry. Usually 20-30min under hooded dryer and the rest dried with difusser. When hair is completely dry; we check cut for consistency; smile about the change and then you’re done!

· What products are best for my hair? We will do a thorough consultation of what products you shld use according to health of hair, scalp, curl type, texture, styles worn, and lifestyle. The product lines we use and retail are LOMA & MIZANI.

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