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Cornrow Masters

Cornrow Masters
Pre-requisite Requirement: CORNROW 101
In CORNROW MASTERS, we focus on how to "feed-in" extension hair into braid to add length, density, design and color. We teach more intricate designs while also working on precision. MASTERS is offered on the same day immediately following the CORNROW 101 class. 

The exercises and techniques that we use in MASTERS is an extension of the CORNROW 101 class. There are many ways to form a cornrow braid and to ensure consistency and productivity within our time frame, we encourage people to take both classes. 

If you have NOT taken our CORNROW 101 but have cornrow braiding experience--BOOK FOR A 1-ON-1 LESSON! Private lessons can be booked anytime during salon hours. This will give Instructor focused time with learner and to reassure formation is consistent before moving on to advanced skills.


Ages 13+

Cost: $120 

2021 Schedule

(Sundays, ​​1:00pm-2:30pm)


Feb 28

March 28

April 25

May 23

June 27

July 25

Aug 29

Sep 26

Oct 24

Nov 21

Dec 19

**Snacks & beverages provided** 

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