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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Thank you for booking your braid appointment with us! A few things before your appointment:


We highly encourage clients to book a shampoo, blowout with us before your braid appointment. This will allow us to examine health of hair, scalp and properly prepare the hair. If you are due for a haircut, we would gladly like to do that for you if there is enough time allotted.

*If you decide to shampoo and prep your own hair for appointment, please make scalp is clean and hair is dry, detangled and blown-out. If your hair is prone to shrinkage, we recommend you put hair in big twist plats which helps keep hair stretched and ready to braid. We appreciate you having your hair properly prepped as it helps us stay on schedule as well as keep your hourly cost down.


Yes but only natural colors 1,1B, 2 & 4 (Black/Dark Brown). We also provide fun colors like Ombre (fades from dark to color) of Purple, Red, Blue, Teal, Pink, Blonde, Copper, and Silver. We provide lengths between 14 to 52 inches for box braids or feed-in braids.

Client will have to provide all other hair lengths and colors. On average you will need 4 bundles for Large Box braids, 6 bundles for Medium BB, and 8 bundles for Small BB. Some Brands put 2 Bundles in a Package; some do 4 Bundles.*Must order "Feathered/Pre-stretched" bundles in which hair is tapered at the ends, not cut straight across. "X-pressions", "Bobbi Boss" brands recommended and can be found online.

We do not provide crochet hair or hair for Passion twists. You will need to order 2 of the 8pack (16 strands per pack) of crochet hair. Most of the time only 8packs is needed but just in case you want more fullness. "X-pressions", "Bobbi Boss", "Beverlee" brands recommended. For Passion twists- You will need 8-packs of "Passion Twist Water Wave Crochet" hair. For long twists- 12inches, For Medium length- 10inches. For short- 8'inches.

\WESTERN BEAUTY SUPPLY store is a 5min-drive away south of salon on Rainier Ave. They have a variety of braid and crochet styles to choose from. Cost of bundles vary from $5-20 a pack pending on quality, length and amount of bundles.


We charge $110/per hr.

These are average costs. Final cost depends on desired length & density. We are about efficiency and productivity so we try our best to get you in & out! You can also book a consultation if you want to talk more about service and estimated cost.

  • Small 5hrs ($550)

  • Medium 4hrs ($440)

  • Large 3.5hrs ($385)

  • XLarge 2.5hrs ($275)

  • Crochet Twists/Braids/Locs (2hrs/$220)

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