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Texture Classes


Cornrow 101

CORNROW 101 is a beginner’s class for those who want to learn how to cornrow and create basic designs. Our methods make cornrowing easy to learn and usually can be picked up in the first 15min!


Cornrow Masters

Pre-requisite Requirement: CORNROW 101

In CORNROW MASTERS, we focus on how to "feed-in" extension hair into braid to add length, density, design and color. We teach more intricate designs while also working on precision. MASTERS is offered on the same day immediately following the CORNROW 101 class. 


Haircare Lessons For Parents

Private haircare lesson for parents with children who have curly and coiled hair or anyone wanting to learn more on how to take care of their curls/coils.

We proudly use LOMA, Mizani & Eleven hair products.

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