Haircut -vs- Trim?

Updated: Nov 1

We get frequent requests for trims in appointment notes left by clients in addition to their booked service. But what exactly is a trim? Is a trim a Haircut?

Yes. They are the same thing.

To a Stylist- a “trim” means- “I want a haircut but less than an inch/inch-half.” So a “trim” is an indication of how much hair to cut and not a separate service from haircut.

To ensure enough time for service- clients encouraged to book a haircut in addition to service booked are:

  • New clients

  • Haven't had a cut in 2months

  • Unsure of when last cut

We try to communicate when clients pre-book if they shld book for a haircut next visit or not according to the health of hair. This just ensures the proper timing of service and also help client stay on a consistent haircare regiment.

We truly appreciate your business and hope this post brought some clarity.

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