Before BOOKING w/ US

Updated: Nov 4

We appreciate all the love and support we have received since we have opened up after quarantine! We value your business and devote our energy to making TEXTURE a safe space for everyone.

We have gotten many new clients since we have opened and for that- we are so grateful! To maximize your experience with us, we wanted to give new clients an overview and guide of how to book as we are not a traditional salon.

*We are all Entrepreneurs and run our own business within TEXTURE. All the Stylists have different schedules and rates for services. Our general hours of operation are Tue thru Sat, 10:30am -6pm however, Stylists will also book on Sundays & Mondays; whichever time agreed upon w/ client. Though we work for ourselves- we still work as a team and have the same values in customer service & experience.

*We all have our specialties. Though we are good with all hair-types & textures, we have our services we love to do. When you look under our staff profiles- it will give you a general guide of what services we specialize in so you can choose which Stylist is the best fit for you! You can also click on the links above to our Instagram and Facebook accounts to see our individual work.

*We do not have a receptionist however, we do have a salon number you can text or leave a voicemail. We apologize we are not always able to answer right away because we are with clients. Best way to get a hold of us is thru text, email or book a consultation. When you book- you are able to leave a note for your Stylist. When you leave a msg for your Stylist, they will contact you directly with the email address or phone number you left. You can also book a consultation w/ your Stylist so you can meet in person and see if it is a good fit.

*Appointments booked need Stylist acceptance. Your Stylist has to approve your appointment first to make it official. Most of the time- it is a scheduling issue if requests are denied and Stylist will have a chance to let you know another day that will work. If appointment is accepted- our VAGARO booking system will always send you a 48hrs notice of your appointment so you can confirm or cancel. VAGARO will also send you notifications day of appointment as well. We ask if you would like to reschedule to please give us at least 48hr notice so we can fill the appointment slot.

We hope this gives you a better guide into how we operate and book @ TEXTURE. We hope you can find a new home @ TEXTURE w/ the Stylist that best suites your hair needs! Thank you again for the love; we appreciate our clients and the community we continue to build!


Open: Tue-Sat 10:30am-6pm
Closed: Sun  &Mon

117 Cedar St
Seattle, King County 98121